Personal Statement

Art can be a never ending journey which you won’t know what you will find and experience along the way. Art has been a strong interest of mine. During the past years I have experienced new methods and styles within the art sector. My time in education has improved my own style and opinion, exposing me to a range of medium and artists. The world today is heavily influenced by art. Contributing to the world and pushing my artwork and thoughts out there would be amazing. Personally I find it difficult to stick to one topic as I enjoy all aspects to art, such as illustration, architecture, fashion, interior designing and many more. Although I have not passed my GCSE English I am still determined to achieve anything. Failing this subject doesn’t hold me back but pushes me to do better and motivate myself to achieve my best. At the moment I am taking classes to enhance my English to achieve the grade I want. Art gives me the key to escape reality and opens doors. It seems only natural to choose a degree which I feel passionate about and love. Being placed into a professional environment with other artists and teachers along the journey is something I find important. This would benefit me by providing a wider view of the different styles and the individualities of others. Moving into sixth form has given me many new and important skills. Such as problem solving and creative thinking, thinking outside the box is great for art when you are struggling to take it a step further. With two of my A Levels being ICT I have had a lot of different understanding of the different programmes out there. This subject would support my Art as I can use technical programming to experiment with different mediums and methods when creating my own artwork. Throughout education I have kept a very high attendance, it is very important to have a punctual attendance as this can have a huge impact on your results. This is something I find vital to have. I have taken part in the Air Training Corps for a year which developed many achievements such as Best Female Cadet. I believe this is where I have improved and learnt many of my skills such as disciplinary, teamwork, problem solving, and communication. I joined cadets because I wanted to improve my confidence and make myself into a more mature adult. During my free time I love to catch up reading my books. This is a strong hobby of mine which is also used to help me with my English. I love to visit different art museums and exhibitions displaying a wide range of different concepts and scales of artwork. Exhibitions are a very testing activity and in my eyes this is something an artist should be extremely proud off.

Learning new things and experiences is always something I target for. I find it impossible to set myself on one path. I see myself doing everything in the future such as teaching, interior designer, magazine illustrator, architect, artist and more. I have been providing requested artwork, this is something I enjoy and can do in my spare time.


GOED 2 Evaluation

GOED 2 Evaluation

The brief stated this project is to explore and extend the theme of garden of earthly delights in greater detail, focusing on imagery which can be translated three dimensionally. To visual communicate your theme of designs onto fabric. I will participate in a number of workshops which i will develop different learning techniques such as weaving, applique, paper manipulation and more. My initial thoughts of this brief were negative as I had very little experience with these techniques however I was very pleased to learn them and apply them into my own work.


To begin my research I explored different fabric manipulations and techniques such as French knots, I discovered a range of methods and beautiful styles which I could apply to my work. Pinterest provided me amazing detailed fabric designs which were very inspirational. I did not focus on one designer however viewed a large range of different artists and styles. In my personal time I learned how to knit, learning different techniques such as a pearl stitch, which I then went onto use in my final sample. Learning to knit was very interesting ad defiantly worth my time. I thought applying this technique worked really well with my theme of a cosy autumn feel.

My initial thoughts and ideas were to create simple fabric manipulations to work well with my busy paper designs. I wanted my fabrics to provide a cosy and warm feel, because of this I avoided a lot of beading and focused on knitting and think yarn with autumn colours. I researched a lot of had knitted quilts and which defiantly influenced my final samples hugely. I decided to develop my weaving samples and keep using simple shapes using lack of illustrative detail because of my papers. I really liked the idea of using circular shapes which were influenced from my illustrative mushrooms from GEOD1.

My final outcomes were very individual and worked well with my personal theme; each displayed a different technique I learnt and practices. However I wish I could have used beading a lot more. Because of this I tried to incorporate my handmade beads to my knitting samples. Although I like my samples I do think I could have done better, maybe focusing more on my final idea and finishing the end piece. They all seem very random and don’t work very well together and not as much as I wanted too with GEOD1 samples. I thought my wallpaper samples from GEOD1 were more successfully. Maybe wallpapers are a stronger aspect to my work.

I have learnt how to French knot, knit, embroidery, weave, quilt and much more. I felt as though I learnt a lot more techniques and methods within the project compared to my first one. These techniques were all interesting and will most defiantly be used in my future projects. Overall I was happy with my project however I defiantly think there is room for improvement. I wasn’t very happy with my final samples as they all seemed rushed and showed a lack of devoted time was to them. However with not having a lot of previous experience with these techniques I produced good work and well-made samples including my pearl knitted sample.

Fusion Evaluation

Fusion Evaluation

The project brief said I am to find inspiration from across the globe and the traditional methods and techniques used to create textiles. I am also to explore traditional printed patterns from a range of cultures. Using two cultures I will blend them together creating a mixed culture. My initial thoughts at the  time was to research as many different cultures as I can using Pinterest so get an idea of the two cultures I wanted to take further. I found the brief very easy to understand and I was aware of the tasks I needed to complete.wp_20170126_15_34_58_pro

I carried out a lot of research using Pinterest on cultures such as India, Japan and china. I gathered a range of information and facts of their unique religions, landscape, nature, building, language and more. With this research I created a large amount of initial drawings using different mediums such as pen, pencil, pen and collage. I focused mostly on the different variety of animals from japan and nature including the Crane which became my main focus. I researched Japanese fish and the different styles already used to illustrate this beautiful fish. However instead of this I decided to focus on the individual scales which I could them manipulate and experiment further with maybe combining colours from India.

My initial thoughts on this project were to focus my attention on the natural side of japan/china and combine these illustrations with India’s bright and vibrant colours. I seem to always avoid these bright colours and thought maybe i should challenge myself and step abit outside my comfort zone. I developed the theme of birds inspired from Japan/China which became my main theme and worked really well onto my interior fabrics. Even though my first initial thoughts were different to my outcome I am very pleased to my sudden change of ideas lead me. Although I only had one session in the printing room I felt I was defiantly heading in the right direction with the prints I created.

My final outcomes were very disappointing. Due to being unwell during this short project I found myself falling behind and confused about my project and general theme. However towards the end I was very clear on my goals and knew exactly what I wanted to produce. If I had abit more time I believe i would have produced some beautiful paper samples. As well as having little time in the printing room I also missed the opportunity to print off my fabric prints in time with the rest of the class leaving me further behind. As I did not have my digital fabric prints I was unable to experiment with any fabric manipulation which I was looking forward too.  However despite these downfalls I am quite pleased with my general ideas and creativity I showed towards the end. My paper designs looked well and showed more of a plan of what I wanted to create. I also created a variety of dyed fabrics which I created in the printing room; this technique was fun and work very well with my colour palette inspired from India. Although I did not use these fabrics within my final samples I am looking forward to using them again in the future.

Within this project I have learnt how to contrast two very different themes together which I regularly found difficult. Taking different features from them and building a new and unusual culture. I learnt how to dye fabrics, screen printing, stenciling onto screen and improving my Photoshop skills. Overall my final sampling was very weak due to the less time I had in the printing room. Throughout this project I felt less experimental and very limited to my final outcomes compared to my first project which I felt much more confident with.

global   my prsentation

GOED 1 Evaluation

GOED 1 Evaluation

The brief informed me that I would investigate and develop numerous motifs and surface pattern ideas. I would explore a range of drawing styles and visual studies such as collages and paintings. With these initial motif designs I would translate using different printing and dying methods onto interior wallpapers and furnishing fabrics. My initial thoughts at the time were very clear and I had good understand of my tasks and products I needed to complete. I was very pleased with the theme even though i have mostly focused on the human figure in the past; this was something new to me. Interior wallpapers and furnishings were always something I aspired to create, I love interior.


To start my research of I viewed nature related images on Pinterest, creating a board too. Pinterest is my main sauce of research and ideas. I found a wide range of image’s however my eye was drawn to the woods and woodland creatures; I thought the autumn season was beautiful ad needed to be part of my work. I didn’t not focus on any illustrators instead focusing my attention to a handful of artists who all displayed different styles and ideas. Images illustrated woodland creatures inspired me hugely ad defiantly impacted on my work. My research really influenced my path and ideas throughout this project. I also took my own photography of the woods which had a big impact on my work and allowed me to reference my drawings from.

My initial aim was to produce initial drawings to then produce onto a wallpaper sample. I knew I wanted to include things like mushrooms, pine corns, fox’s, tress and much more. My own photography helped me chose which drawings to create and develop ideas such as the mushrooms. I wanted focus this project mostly on my illustrations and rather than simple motifs and shapes. My illustrations were very affective and worked together however I do think they could have been improved further and maybe developed better. The animal illustrations were a strong point to my work and became my favourite idea, to develop them I picked different types and used different mediums such as paint, pencil and pen. However I do think I could have used a wider range of motif styles.

My final wallpaper samples were brilliant. I thought they were very successful and worked really well; my theme was well represented within them. The illustrations stood out in each sample and looked good along-side my mark makings. I believe my samples answer the brief as they it shows a clear understanding of earthly delights and the different natural delights in the world. My samples are bursting with nature. If I could change anything it would be to make my wallpapers less busy, maybe if I spent more time layering them out I would be happier with my final productions.

I have learnt so much throughout this project. I learnt different types of layouts including clusters which I used in my final sample. I learnt how to use a heat press successfully and the different techniques used with it. How to apply mark makings to my interior wallpaper which is defiantly something I will keep on using in future projects. My initial drawings were one of my strengths; this is because of my exploration and unique illustrative drawings I created. On the other hand I found my development of final samples was a weakness as i didn’t focus enough time to my layouts and overall production.


Fusion (Blog)

Fusion Blogs

To begin the new brief I researched a range of images from different cultures. I focused a lot of my research on Chinese culture as well as Indian. My aim was to use the bright and exotic colours from India and combine them with Chinese wildlife and their well-known symbols. That afternoon as a class we began screen printing, using cutting stencils we could experiment with any shapes we wanted. With this screen print we were able to transfer our stencilled designs to fabric; this technique was very simple and affective.  The following day I focused my directed study drawing from these cultures as well as other cultures i was interested in such as Cuban. I spent a lot of my time researching different culture and discovery all aspects, including religion and more. The next day I completed more of my initial drawings gathering a strong amount to use within my work. I focused most of my drawings on birds and fish scales which were all inspired from Chinese culture. That afternoon I created stamps using Photoshop; this tool was great and worked really well with my theme. I found this tool handy and simple to use, I hope to use it again in the future. That Thursday we learnt a new printing technique called painted resist. Instead of placing our stencils on the screens we would paint directly onto them. For my work I hand painted fish which worked beautiful however there was a fault with our screens and were unable to print with them, although we couldn’t use them this technique is affective and simple to re-create.WP_20170208_15_21_43_Pro.jpg

The following week we began our fabric dying resist. This technique was fun to do and worked really well within our given brief. When creating my dyed fabrics I would knot them in different ways and pour ink on them randomly to then form beautiful patterns. The next day we presented our presentations to the class discussing our ideas and thoughts of the project so far. I used India as my colour palette and China for my initial drawings; I would then combine the two forming a mixed culture. Using Photoshop I then began designing my fabric designs. For these designs I focused on the crane using blues and oranges which I referenced back to my research images. My Photoshop skills gradually improved making me feel much more confident when carrying out tasks like this.

The third week I carried on with my fabric designs, however due to missing a session I was unable to print my fabric designs off in time, leaving me behind and unable to manipulate back onto my designs. Because of this I began focusing on my initial drawings and finishing any unfinished work from my last brief. Due to this issue i wasn’t able to set out my final boards the way i wanted and focus on its detail. I was very disappointed with this outcome and wanted to manipulate my fabrics further. I am not very happy with my final boards as they didn’t represent my work very well and had not been layered out correctly. However next time this problem will be avoided

Garden Of Earthly Delights 2 (Blog)

GOED 2 Blogs

To begin our first week of ‘Garden Of Earthly Delights Constructed’ we were introduced to the brief and informed of what tasks we need to complete.  As a class we reviewed our last brief discussing the positives and negatives of our work and how we could improve it further. I found this class discussion quite scary however very useful when getting other peoples opinions on my work and a great way to understand others styles and likes.  After this talk we were sent of to collect close detailed images of our theme to start our 10*10 drawings. That afternoon we carried on with our 10*10 drawings and collages as well as sending our digital fabric prints into the drop box.

The following day I collected equipment such as beads, hoops, needles and a beading needle. I also completed my 10*10 and began finishing my A2 drawing boards. As I have focused on mushrooms and fox’s I thought involving them onto my boards would be a great way to represent my project.

That Wednesday I was introduced to embroidery and took part in a small workshop where I learnt different techniques such as French knots and more. I found this workshop very handy and helped me understand the different approaches to embroidery. I went onto using some of these techniques in my own work which worked very affectively. The next day I collected a wide range of research from Pinterest, images of different embellishments and methods I liked and wanted to use in my own work. Pinterest helped open my mind to new styles and different ideas. That afternoon i focused on my Photoshop skills in CAD and developing more digital mood boards. I was shown new tools and all the different approaches I could use when manipulating images.


The commencing week I began using new techniques in the printing room such as bossing and debossing, giving amazing varied levels on paper. That Tuesday I began designing beads using Photoshop to use on my fabrics. I decided to use very recognisable shapes such as mushrooms and leaves. Once i was happy with my shapes i sent them to the laser cutter drop box which cuts out each shape individually providing a clean edge. I then received my beads days later ad have used them onto my knitted samples. To finish the week I carried on with my embroidery and starting some weaving.


The third week of this project I began knitting learning the pearl knit and ordinary knit. The two were very different however I found the pearl knit worked very well with thick yarn and my autumn themed project. Within my interior I wanted to include a blanket/ fleece using a knitted technique with my mushroom beads. My focus for this week was to finish my samples and begin designing my presentation boards. To organise my directed study time better I created a time table listed with tasks I would complete weekly. This method was very affective and helped me be up to date and complete.


On the final week of this project I focused on my four presentation boards. I wanted each one to be unique and eye catchy, each board had a different sampling. I wanted to display a wide range of different techniques which I had learnt along the way. I had completed a beaded sample with my jumping fox to put on one board however I believed it would class along-side my wallpapers. Throughout my samples I kept simple colours and shapes to compliment my busy and illustrated interior papers. However I wanted to make my samples crazy and wild with beads, maybe in my personal study I could experiment further with this. I am very pleased with my final boards each one being unique and layered out professionally.

Garden Of Earthly Delights (Blog)

GOED 1 Blogs

We are introduced to our first brief task ‘Garden Of Earthly Delights” we are shown a range of work from past students who also completed this project. It was very useful looking at their work as it helped me build ideas and understand different paths available.  Our task for this weekend is to create drawings and different motifs to work with further into the project. This part of the project is very important and determines the rest of our work.

That weekend I decided to take images of nearby nature such as forest, mushrooms, leafs and more, i wanted to focus on the Autumn forest part of garden delights. However deciding on this took me longer than expected; this was because I wanted to be sure I was picking the right one. I used Pinterest as my main research engine, were I collected a range of ideas and initial drawing styles.


The following week I was shown the textile printing room; here we learnt different resist techniques using the printing equipment.  This technique was new to me however I found I could apply it to some of my drawings such as pine corns and trees. After that print room session I developed my drawings further gathering a wide range of plants and motif styles. That Thursday as a class we focused on digital mood boards in the CAD room with our photography teacher. Although I am not very confident with Photoshop was able to create a digital mood board. For mine I wanted a detailed image of roots then placing a paper silhouette of a fox on top as well as a close up image of a mushroom. I wanted my digital board to consist of the main features of my project. It was very time consuming creating one board, which I was pleased with due to my lack of experience with this application.  The following day I completed my drawing tasks.


The third week of this project I photocopied my initial drawings to take into the printing room. Here I learnt a random repeat, which I applied to my work and final boards. This process was very easy to learn, I would place my photocopied drawings into a interior structured manner e.g. cluster. I would then place my image under the heat pressure for 16 seconds. This method would transfer the inks from the photocopies onto interior paper capturing your clustered designed. I experimented with this technique the following day and designed new designs and layouts.  The next day I researched different mark makings, which could be applicable to my style and theme, which I would transfer into my designs in the printing room. Including mark makings added more style and worked very well with my papers. Due to my initial drawings being detailed and layouts full I thought having a simple and soft mark making would compliment it vey well.  To finish this week I developed my motif styles further and began my A2 drawings boards as well as creating my focused Pinterest board, which reflects my different chosen aspects and colour palette I then developed into my final collection ideas.