Tutorial Discussion

Tutorial Discussion    15/03/17

My tutor discussed many of my strengths and weakness throughout my time on this course. She said my specialist portfolio was well constructed and demonstrated my high creative ability throughout. Considering Textiles being a brand new area for me, I should feel very proud considering I have learnt all these techniques and methods within a short time frame. Textiles is something I have never fully explored and feel a lot more confident now attending this course and having the support of peers and lecturers. My mature and thoughtful decision to study was very good, she believes a course which explores a lot of illustrative methods would suit me better than most abstract courses. This will benefit me in. I have adhered to deadlines with ease throughout this programme showing great organisational skills. My tutor also stated my specialist portfolio was very well presented and reflected my time and effort I put into my work.

To improve further I was advised to understand the idea of final outcomes in textiles, including final samples, visualisations ad products. This will help me develop my final ideas towards a final sample. I must expand my research further as well as make sure my annotation is consistent throughout my sketchbook. Also reinforcing my work with reasoning’s and explanations why I have selected certain images within my research. I was also informed I am currently working at Merit level however I have a lot of Distinction potential.

With receiving this feedback I need to defiantly improve on my final outcomes and as well as make my realisations more visible to the audience. I need to document my thinking more often and evaluate my thoughts during the different paths I head towards. I never document my failures and how I have worked from this, this is something i will do for my FMP.

I presented all three concepts ideas to my tutor and was given positive feedback. My tutor liked all three proposals however believed an illustrative and drawing based theme would suit me better, exploring traditional printmaking. I agreed with my tutor, this was something which suited my style a lot more. Due to this I headed more towards my third idea of “Woodland/Forest/Human”, this idea was very different however both me and my tutor weren’t quite sure it would suite my intended outcomes of interior, maybe gift wrap? This is something I must research further into and think realistically. Overall we both thought this idea’s great and suited my skills very well. I felt very passionate and excited about this theme and already had a plan of the way I wanted to take it. At first my tutor narrowed my theme down to forest/woodland, with this I could focus more to one element and the woods was my favourite place.

Overall I am very pleased with my tutorial and have been given a great deal of advice and positive feedback. This tutorial has helped me understand my positives and draw backs and how to improve these, increasing my overall grade. I understood my tutor’s feedback and talked about how I felt throughout my course with ease.  I was given other sources to help me begin my FMP off; this was very helpful and has defiantly helped me understand my theme more and the different paths available.

My tutor advised me to research further into:

  • Children’s Illustration- Woodland/Forest
  • Pattern
  • Illustration- Lino printing, Mono Printing
  • Conservation
  • Deforestation
  • Pollution
  • Stories set in woodland
  • Definition
  • Fishing
  • Different Forest/Woodlands around the world- America-their elements
  • Habitats- nest
  • Shrubs, Forest Floor, Moss
  • Animals
  • Drawing Styles
  • Processes
  • Different methods of theme- Different Representations
  • Traditional – Analytical Drawings



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