Project Proposal


I have achieved new abilities, learning new methods and techniques including knitting. This was something I never quite understood and failed again and again trying. However during my time in specialism I gave it another go, and with the help of peers and tutors I was able to learn this technique. I applied this affectively into my work creating beautiful samples which i then displayed on my final A2 boards. In my spare time i taught myself the pearl stitch which suited me very well, I am very pleased with this improvement and think of it as an achievement. I have also learnt knew ways of working including screen printing, dye, stencilling, quilting, weaving, French knots and much more. This course has significantly improved my skills and knowledge of the different specialisms/careers out there.

Throughout this foundation course I have developed my skills, gaining several including organisational skills, communication, presentation, research, drawing, development and evaluative.  These skills have been developed at different parts to this course and helped me progress my work and approach of thinking. At first I lacked presentational skills and struggled to communicate my thoughts and ideas to other colleges, however during my time on this course i have developed these skills and now able to communicate well under pressure and present a clear ad well-structured presentation. My confidence has improved and I feel more unrestricted to take my work in any direction I wish. Before attending this course I never had the mind set for interior and textiles however now my mind is more flexible and I have an eye for interior and textile pieces. I have learnt a lot of the terms used in both aspects and can apply them in to my work.

My strengths and weakness vary, however I find my main weakness is finalising my final pieces. Throughout rotation I struggled to plan my work into a final piece, instead I jumped straight into the construction part. This was something my lecturers noticed quickly and have been working with me to grow out of this habit. This has defiantly affected my work in specialism and my final outcomes. On the other hand my main strength is the initial drawing aspect and research. I enjoy drawing and gathering a wide range of inspirational imagery as well as taking forward others methods and styles/ways of working. Sometimes I find myself behind a thinking wall; I have spoken to my tutor about this problem and have discussed different ways of working around it. This has impacted a lot of my work and limited me to explore most of my potential. Through time this has improved with the help of peers and lecturers. For my FMP this issue will be easier to manage as my tutor is aware and has kindly advised me to ask for support if I feel like this.

To improve my work I must development my organisation skills even further, becoming stricter with my time management and weekly tasks. Once I have improved this area then my time plan will be more accurate to follow and will be able to meet important deadlines. I would like to work on my final stages of development, accurately showing my thinking processes and reasoning’s why I chose certain elements. Making it more clearly for an audience to follow and understand. I would also like to development my presentation with in my sketchbooks.  Find my previous books very confusing and lacked elements to obtain an audiences interest. I have already spoken to my tutor and asked how I could improve my initial drawings and structuring them within my sketchbook affectively and have already been given great feedback on improving this area. Finally I’d like to improve my blog, making the structure more professional/clear/categorise suiting my genre, also organising my time more efficiently to type up my evaluations correctly without any grammar mistakes.


Project Concept

My aim for my FMP is to explore the theme “Woodland/Forests” and explore the texture, colours, landscapes and living things creating a large body of initial drawings throughout this project. I hope to associate this theme into an interior setting, producing interior papers and fabrics and surfaces. I would like to explore both print and constructed textiles creating a very illustrative and textual collection. I would like my work to portray the different elements found in the woodland/forests and perhaps explore different tales linked to this environment. I would also as part of the theme like to explore human interaction in nature specific in the woodland/forest.

To ensure the development of my project I intend to observe/study body language, drawing from it daily as well as creating my own photography. I will also create initial drawings from woodland/forest to create motifs which I can then manipulate and work with. I also intend to use a wide range of materials to visually record body language and the woods. This will help form a large body of work and extensive project. I will visit places such as the Hancock, Kielder observatory and I may even organise a life drawing class to collect visual imagery. To understand the human figure more I hope to publically observe peoples body language and body shape. This will be visually captured in my side journal which I will use just for observational research. This will form the basis of my primary research. For my secondary research I intend to use Pinterest as well as gather different artists whom can bring something different to my work such as style, methods, materials and much more.

I foresee this theme finalising into an interior collection however I may also consider a gift and wrap final collection too due to my unusual theme. I aim to create a large amount of swatches both paper and fabric. Instead of forwarding my work into a commercial purpose I intend to push my work towards a more creative and unusual market.


The main reflection of my work will come in a variety of forms including weekly blogs. This evaluative technique will help me write my week self- reflection tasks which I could then go backed think analytically about all aspects of completed work so far. This will be used throughout my project, I hope to write daily on my blog as this will give me evaluative information when finalising the course. I believe the most effective method to reflect upon my work will be through peer reviews and discussions, with this i could gather ideas and opinions from an outsiders view, this is something i find important. This is because I am able to communicate with peers on how to improve my work and understand their different perspectives. I may also evaluate my work through tutor critiques on a regular basis. Having this one to one feedback is very useful and talk about the problems i may encounter and how my project has developed. Having this frequent contact will be important and benefit me, ensuring I am working at a high enough standard and quantity. Along-side this will may complete a daily/weekly journal, reviewing my progression of my work and if I am meeting my targets set out on my strict time plan.  I also intend to evaluate my progression using the SWOT method, this will ensure I am analysing my work critically.



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