Personal Statement

Art can be a never ending journey which you won’t know what you will find and experience along the way. Art has been a strong interest of mine. During the past years I have experienced new methods and styles within the art sector. My time in education has improved my own style and opinion, exposing me to a range of medium and artists. The world today is heavily influenced by art. Contributing to the world and pushing my artwork and thoughts out there would be amazing. Personally I find it difficult to stick to one topic as I enjoy all aspects to art, such as illustration, architecture, fashion, interior designing and many more. Although I have not passed my GCSE English I am still determined to achieve anything. Failing this subject doesn’t hold me back but pushes me to do better and motivate myself to achieve my best. At the moment I am taking classes to enhance my English to achieve the grade I want. Art gives me the key to escape reality and opens doors. It seems only natural to choose a degree which I feel passionate about and love. Being placed into a professional environment with other artists and teachers along the journey is something I find important. This would benefit me by providing a wider view of the different styles and the individualities of others. Moving into sixth form has given me many new and important skills. Such as problem solving and creative thinking, thinking outside the box is great for art when you are struggling to take it a step further. With two of my A Levels being ICT I have had a lot of different understanding of the different programmes out there. This subject would support my Art as I can use technical programming to experiment with different mediums and methods when creating my own artwork. Throughout education I have kept a very high attendance, it is very important to have a punctual attendance as this can have a huge impact on your results. This is something I find vital to have. I have taken part in the Air Training Corps for a year which developed many achievements such as Best Female Cadet. I believe this is where I have improved and learnt many of my skills such as disciplinary, teamwork, problem solving, and communication. I joined cadets because I wanted to improve my confidence and make myself into a more mature adult. During my free time I love to catch up reading my books. This is a strong hobby of mine which is also used to help me with my English. I love to visit different art museums and exhibitions displaying a wide range of different concepts and scales of artwork. Exhibitions are a very testing activity and in my eyes this is something an artist should be extremely proud off.

Learning new things and experiences is always something I target for. I find it impossible to set myself on one path. I see myself doing everything in the future such as teaching, interior designer, magazine illustrator, architect, artist and more. I have been providing requested artwork, this is something I enjoy and can do in my spare time.


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