GOED 2 Evaluation

GOED 2 Evaluation

The brief stated this project is to explore and extend the theme of garden of earthly delights in greater detail, focusing on imagery which can be translated three dimensionally. To visual communicate your theme of designs onto fabric. I will participate in a number of workshops which i will develop different learning techniques such as weaving, applique, paper manipulation and more. My initial thoughts of this brief were negative as I had very little experience with these techniques however I was very pleased to learn them and apply them into my own work.


To begin my research I explored different fabric manipulations and techniques such as French knots, I discovered a range of methods and beautiful styles which I could apply to my work. Pinterest provided me amazing detailed fabric designs which were very inspirational. I did not focus on one designer however viewed a large range of different artists and styles. In my personal time I learned how to knit, learning different techniques such as a pearl stitch, which I then went onto use in my final sample. Learning to knit was very interesting ad defiantly worth my time. I thought applying this technique worked really well with my theme of a cosy autumn feel.

My initial thoughts and ideas were to create simple fabric manipulations to work well with my busy paper designs. I wanted my fabrics to provide a cosy and warm feel, because of this I avoided a lot of beading and focused on knitting and think yarn with autumn colours. I researched a lot of had knitted quilts and which defiantly influenced my final samples hugely. I decided to develop my weaving samples and keep using simple shapes using lack of illustrative detail because of my papers. I really liked the idea of using circular shapes which were influenced from my illustrative mushrooms from GEOD1.

My final outcomes were very individual and worked well with my personal theme; each displayed a different technique I learnt and practices. However I wish I could have used beading a lot more. Because of this I tried to incorporate my handmade beads to my knitting samples. Although I like my samples I do think I could have done better, maybe focusing more on my final idea and finishing the end piece. They all seem very random and don’t work very well together and not as much as I wanted too with GEOD1 samples. I thought my wallpaper samples from GEOD1 were more successfully. Maybe wallpapers are a stronger aspect to my work.

I have learnt how to French knot, knit, embroidery, weave, quilt and much more. I felt as though I learnt a lot more techniques and methods within the project compared to my first one. These techniques were all interesting and will most defiantly be used in my future projects. Overall I was happy with my project however I defiantly think there is room for improvement. I wasn’t very happy with my final samples as they all seemed rushed and showed a lack of devoted time was to them. However with not having a lot of previous experience with these techniques I produced good work and well-made samples including my pearl knitted sample.


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