GOED 1 Evaluation

GOED 1 Evaluation

The brief informed me that I would investigate and develop numerous motifs and surface pattern ideas. I would explore a range of drawing styles and visual studies such as collages and paintings. With these initial motif designs I would translate using different printing and dying methods onto interior wallpapers and furnishing fabrics. My initial thoughts at the time were very clear and I had good understand of my tasks and products I needed to complete. I was very pleased with the theme even though i have mostly focused on the human figure in the past; this was something new to me. Interior wallpapers and furnishings were always something I aspired to create, I love interior.


To start my research of I viewed nature related images on Pinterest, creating a board too. Pinterest is my main sauce of research and ideas. I found a wide range of image’s however my eye was drawn to the woods and woodland creatures; I thought the autumn season was beautiful ad needed to be part of my work. I didn’t not focus on any illustrators instead focusing my attention to a handful of artists who all displayed different styles and ideas. Images illustrated woodland creatures inspired me hugely ad defiantly impacted on my work. My research really influenced my path and ideas throughout this project. I also took my own photography of the woods which had a big impact on my work and allowed me to reference my drawings from.

My initial aim was to produce initial drawings to then produce onto a wallpaper sample. I knew I wanted to include things like mushrooms, pine corns, fox’s, tress and much more. My own photography helped me chose which drawings to create and develop ideas such as the mushrooms. I wanted focus this project mostly on my illustrations and rather than simple motifs and shapes. My illustrations were very affective and worked together however I do think they could have been improved further and maybe developed better. The animal illustrations were a strong point to my work and became my favourite idea, to develop them I picked different types and used different mediums such as paint, pencil and pen. However I do think I could have used a wider range of motif styles.

My final wallpaper samples were brilliant. I thought they were very successful and worked really well; my theme was well represented within them. The illustrations stood out in each sample and looked good along-side my mark makings. I believe my samples answer the brief as they it shows a clear understanding of earthly delights and the different natural delights in the world. My samples are bursting with nature. If I could change anything it would be to make my wallpapers less busy, maybe if I spent more time layering them out I would be happier with my final productions.

I have learnt so much throughout this project. I learnt different types of layouts including clusters which I used in my final sample. I learnt how to use a heat press successfully and the different techniques used with it. How to apply mark makings to my interior wallpaper which is defiantly something I will keep on using in future projects. My initial drawings were one of my strengths; this is because of my exploration and unique illustrative drawings I created. On the other hand I found my development of final samples was a weakness as i didn’t focus enough time to my layouts and overall production.



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