Garden Of Earthly Delights (Blog)

GOED 1 Blogs

We are introduced to our first brief task ‘Garden Of Earthly Delights” we are shown a range of work from past students who also completed this project. It was very useful looking at their work as it helped me build ideas and understand different paths available.  Our task for this weekend is to create drawings and different motifs to work with further into the project. This part of the project is very important and determines the rest of our work.

That weekend I decided to take images of nearby nature such as forest, mushrooms, leafs and more, i wanted to focus on the Autumn forest part of garden delights. However deciding on this took me longer than expected; this was because I wanted to be sure I was picking the right one. I used Pinterest as my main research engine, were I collected a range of ideas and initial drawing styles.


The following week I was shown the textile printing room; here we learnt different resist techniques using the printing equipment.  This technique was new to me however I found I could apply it to some of my drawings such as pine corns and trees. After that print room session I developed my drawings further gathering a wide range of plants and motif styles. That Thursday as a class we focused on digital mood boards in the CAD room with our photography teacher. Although I am not very confident with Photoshop was able to create a digital mood board. For mine I wanted a detailed image of roots then placing a paper silhouette of a fox on top as well as a close up image of a mushroom. I wanted my digital board to consist of the main features of my project. It was very time consuming creating one board, which I was pleased with due to my lack of experience with this application.  The following day I completed my drawing tasks.


The third week of this project I photocopied my initial drawings to take into the printing room. Here I learnt a random repeat, which I applied to my work and final boards. This process was very easy to learn, I would place my photocopied drawings into a interior structured manner e.g. cluster. I would then place my image under the heat pressure for 16 seconds. This method would transfer the inks from the photocopies onto interior paper capturing your clustered designed. I experimented with this technique the following day and designed new designs and layouts.  The next day I researched different mark makings, which could be applicable to my style and theme, which I would transfer into my designs in the printing room. Including mark makings added more style and worked very well with my papers. Due to my initial drawings being detailed and layouts full I thought having a simple and soft mark making would compliment it vey well.  To finish this week I developed my motif styles further and began my A2 drawings boards as well as creating my focused Pinterest board, which reflects my different chosen aspects and colour palette I then developed into my final collection ideas.





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