Garden Of Earthly Delights 2 (Blog)

GOED 2 Blogs

To begin our first week of ‘Garden Of Earthly Delights Constructed’ we were introduced to the brief and informed of what tasks we need to complete.  As a class we reviewed our last brief discussing the positives and negatives of our work and how we could improve it further. I found this class discussion quite scary however very useful when getting other peoples opinions on my work and a great way to understand others styles and likes.  After this talk we were sent of to collect close detailed images of our theme to start our 10*10 drawings. That afternoon we carried on with our 10*10 drawings and collages as well as sending our digital fabric prints into the drop box.

The following day I collected equipment such as beads, hoops, needles and a beading needle. I also completed my 10*10 and began finishing my A2 drawing boards. As I have focused on mushrooms and fox’s I thought involving them onto my boards would be a great way to represent my project.

That Wednesday I was introduced to embroidery and took part in a small workshop where I learnt different techniques such as French knots and more. I found this workshop very handy and helped me understand the different approaches to embroidery. I went onto using some of these techniques in my own work which worked very affectively. The next day I collected a wide range of research from Pinterest, images of different embellishments and methods I liked and wanted to use in my own work. Pinterest helped open my mind to new styles and different ideas. That afternoon i focused on my Photoshop skills in CAD and developing more digital mood boards. I was shown new tools and all the different approaches I could use when manipulating images.


The commencing week I began using new techniques in the printing room such as bossing and debossing, giving amazing varied levels on paper. That Tuesday I began designing beads using Photoshop to use on my fabrics. I decided to use very recognisable shapes such as mushrooms and leaves. Once i was happy with my shapes i sent them to the laser cutter drop box which cuts out each shape individually providing a clean edge. I then received my beads days later ad have used them onto my knitted samples. To finish the week I carried on with my embroidery and starting some weaving.


The third week of this project I began knitting learning the pearl knit and ordinary knit. The two were very different however I found the pearl knit worked very well with thick yarn and my autumn themed project. Within my interior I wanted to include a blanket/ fleece using a knitted technique with my mushroom beads. My focus for this week was to finish my samples and begin designing my presentation boards. To organise my directed study time better I created a time table listed with tasks I would complete weekly. This method was very affective and helped me be up to date and complete.


On the final week of this project I focused on my four presentation boards. I wanted each one to be unique and eye catchy, each board had a different sampling. I wanted to display a wide range of different techniques which I had learnt along the way. I had completed a beaded sample with my jumping fox to put on one board however I believed it would class along-side my wallpapers. Throughout my samples I kept simple colours and shapes to compliment my busy and illustrated interior papers. However I wanted to make my samples crazy and wild with beads, maybe in my personal study I could experiment further with this. I am very pleased with my final boards each one being unique and layered out professionally.


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