Fusion Evaluation

Fusion Evaluation

The project brief said I am to find inspiration from across the globe and the traditional methods and techniques used to create textiles. I am also to explore traditional printed patterns from a range of cultures. Using two cultures I will blend them together creating a mixed culture. My initial thoughts at the  time was to research as many different cultures as I can using Pinterest so get an idea of the two cultures I wanted to take further. I found the brief very easy to understand and I was aware of the tasks I needed to complete.wp_20170126_15_34_58_pro

I carried out a lot of research using Pinterest on cultures such as India, Japan and china. I gathered a range of information and facts of their unique religions, landscape, nature, building, language and more. With this research I created a large amount of initial drawings using different mediums such as pen, pencil, pen and collage. I focused mostly on the different variety of animals from japan and nature including the Crane which became my main focus. I researched Japanese fish and the different styles already used to illustrate this beautiful fish. However instead of this I decided to focus on the individual scales which I could them manipulate and experiment further with maybe combining colours from India.

My initial thoughts on this project were to focus my attention on the natural side of japan/china and combine these illustrations with India’s bright and vibrant colours. I seem to always avoid these bright colours and thought maybe i should challenge myself and step abit outside my comfort zone. I developed the theme of birds inspired from Japan/China which became my main theme and worked really well onto my interior fabrics. Even though my first initial thoughts were different to my outcome I am very pleased to my sudden change of ideas lead me. Although I only had one session in the printing room I felt I was defiantly heading in the right direction with the prints I created.

My final outcomes were very disappointing. Due to being unwell during this short project I found myself falling behind and confused about my project and general theme. However towards the end I was very clear on my goals and knew exactly what I wanted to produce. If I had abit more time I believe i would have produced some beautiful paper samples. As well as having little time in the printing room I also missed the opportunity to print off my fabric prints in time with the rest of the class leaving me further behind. As I did not have my digital fabric prints I was unable to experiment with any fabric manipulation which I was looking forward too.  However despite these downfalls I am quite pleased with my general ideas and creativity I showed towards the end. My paper designs looked well and showed more of a plan of what I wanted to create. I also created a variety of dyed fabrics which I created in the printing room; this technique was fun and work very well with my colour palette inspired from India. Although I did not use these fabrics within my final samples I am looking forward to using them again in the future.

Within this project I have learnt how to contrast two very different themes together which I regularly found difficult. Taking different features from them and building a new and unusual culture. I learnt how to dye fabrics, screen printing, stenciling onto screen and improving my Photoshop skills. Overall my final sampling was very weak due to the less time I had in the printing room. Throughout this project I felt less experimental and very limited to my final outcomes compared to my first project which I felt much more confident with.

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