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To begin the new brief I researched a range of images from different cultures. I focused a lot of my research on Chinese culture as well as Indian. My aim was to use the bright and exotic colours from India and combine them with Chinese wildlife and their well-known symbols. That afternoon as a class we began screen printing, using cutting stencils we could experiment with any shapes we wanted. With this screen print we were able to transfer our stencilled designs to fabric; this technique was very simple and affective.  The following day I focused my directed study drawing from these cultures as well as other cultures i was interested in such as Cuban. I spent a lot of my time researching different culture and discovery all aspects, including religion and more. The next day I completed more of my initial drawings gathering a strong amount to use within my work. I focused most of my drawings on birds and fish scales which were all inspired from Chinese culture. That afternoon I created stamps using Photoshop; this tool was great and worked really well with my theme. I found this tool handy and simple to use, I hope to use it again in the future. That Thursday we learnt a new printing technique called painted resist. Instead of placing our stencils on the screens we would paint directly onto them. For my work I hand painted fish which worked beautiful however there was a fault with our screens and were unable to print with them, although we couldn’t use them this technique is affective and simple to re-create.WP_20170208_15_21_43_Pro.jpg

The following week we began our fabric dying resist. This technique was fun to do and worked really well within our given brief. When creating my dyed fabrics I would knot them in different ways and pour ink on them randomly to then form beautiful patterns. The next day we presented our presentations to the class discussing our ideas and thoughts of the project so far. I used India as my colour palette and China for my initial drawings; I would then combine the two forming a mixed culture. Using Photoshop I then began designing my fabric designs. For these designs I focused on the crane using blues and oranges which I referenced back to my research images. My Photoshop skills gradually improved making me feel much more confident when carrying out tasks like this.

The third week I carried on with my fabric designs, however due to missing a session I was unable to print my fabric designs off in time, leaving me behind and unable to manipulate back onto my designs. Because of this I began focusing on my initial drawings and finishing any unfinished work from my last brief. Due to this issue i wasn’t able to set out my final boards the way i wanted and focus on its detail. I was very disappointed with this outcome and wanted to manipulate my fabrics further. I am not very happy with my final boards as they didn’t represent my work very well and had not been layered out correctly. However next time this problem will be avoided


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