Progression Review

Progression Review

I have chosen to study the Foundation Diploma in art and design as I am not too sure which art course to study at University. Right now I don’t feel very prepared for university and I believe completing this course will help build my confidence and portfolio. My sister studied this course a year ago and influenced me to do the same; I went to her final exhibition and was astonished at the work everyone completed.  Seeing this was my main push towards this course. Although I am proud of my current portfolio I think completing this course will improve my work and maybe even provide me with skills in never learnt which will benefit me at university or further employment. As well as achieving a Distinction in the foundation Diploma I will attain my C in maths.

I hope to study at Sunderland University. Ever since my interview for Illustration I have fallen in love with the academy. However i am still open to other universities. I had applied to study illustration at Sunderland however I wasn’t very sure about chosen this subject and having the skills to successfully complete the course. I have already obtained a lot of research, while in sixth form I researched many courses and universities I was interested in. I spent a lot of time selecting the ones which were closer to home and suited my interests. At Sixth Form it was compulsory to apply to courses and attend interviews.

To progress further and improve my portfolio I must complete given assignments on time and begin creating strong art work. My English course is very important and should be given as much attention as my foundation Diploma if i wish to succeed in both.  Currently i am researching courses which appeal to me, this will help me progress and prepare myself for a course/academy which suits me. Starting today in my spare time I will begin a small journal, full of ideas and observation experiments. I used a journal in Sixth Form, improving my drawing ability and it’s a fun way to record information. To progress even further I will be attending university open days. This will allow me to ask questions and get to know the course/university a lot more. I believe this is a great way to get to know the academy and its staff.

Currently my portfolio is full of my sixth form course work and independent art work. I used this portfolio for all my university interviews and was given many compliments. Sunderland University was very pleased with the portfolio they offered me an unconditional offer, however due to not passing my English I wasn’t able to provide evidence of passing. I am very happy with my portfolio and have put a lot of work to make it great. However I do believe I could still improve my portfolio and add new artwork. Studying this course will provide me with more skills and techniques which I could use within my art work. This will benefit my portfolio hugely.



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