Life Drawing

Life Drawing

After finishing my rotation work I took part in a life drawing class with rotation groups A (my form) and B. Although I have already completed a nude life drawing class before, this session was very different and still improved my observational skills. In my last drawing class at sixth form I illustrated the female figure using a wide range of mediums and techniques, each allocated different times. This period I drew the male figure. I never encounter the male figure as i do not have a lot of structural vision of the form however I feel more confident placing this type of form inn my work. At first I was very nervous to complete this joining class however I quickly got into the drawing routine and had no problems further into the drawing session.

To begin the life drawing class our teacher told us to draw the male figure with charcoal. This drawing would last 5 minutes. This helped unwind our minds and warm up to draw. This technique was also used in my sixth form session. We completed a lot of short illustrations each one extending the time. To experiment further we were informed to use different colours, this would be used to layer our drawings and highlight certain body parts. Finally our last study lasted 45 minutes, however this time we could use any medium we wished. For this final study I decided to draw in pencil then go around the figure, filling in the detail with pen. These two mediums worked very well together and captured the male figure very well. Throughout this drawing class my observational skills and measurements improved.


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