Rotation- Fine Art Evaluation

Fine Art Evaluation

The brief informed me that I would explore a range of ideas from the “unexplained world and the unexplained”. This approach to art is something I haven’t explored before and my initial thoughts were of interest. The brief also suggested that I research into the themes and using artist research to support my ideas. There were many approaches I was offered however with thought i chose to create a visual exploration (Illustrate the unexplained mythologies).

Firstly I began to research all the suggested artists given from my teacher and selecting the ones I found interesting. I selected Joseph Cornell because his work was unique and magical, which fits really well with my theme. He used unwanted objects and lost memorabilia within his work to display the unseen memories we latch onto. His way of thinking was inspirational and will defiantly influence my way own throughout this rotation. I also selected Pula Rego from the suggested list too as she paints fairy tales however not involving the “Happy Ending”. Paula places characters such as Snow White in provocative and distressing situations; this is something I would like to include in my own work. She reveals the hidden truth behind fake tales and rubs away the lies; this is why Paula Rego influenced my work throughout. Although I haven’t taken any physical skills from both artists I am using their thinking and meaning within my ideas and final designs. My third artist was Takato Yamamato who illustrated distorted people in negative and dark backgrounds. I discovered this artist on Pinterest when researching into different themes. Takato stood out from the other artists and created fantasy like illustrations, he also involved nudity and the human skeleton within his work. Takato’s work influenced my general style towards my final piece and even helped me produce ideas.

I also researched Fairy Tales and myths including the “Labyrinth”, “Pans Labyrinth” and “The Girl without hands”. All were used to develop my style and ideas. Finally I found the tale “the Red Shoes” which wasn’t very popular and gory; everything I was looking for. Before developing illustrative ideas from this tale i researched different artwork which I found inspirational. These were found on Pinterest and each had their own style.

To develop my ideas I sketched out rough plans. This helped me prepare for my final piece and choose the right idea to work along the “Red Shoes” tale. I also experimented with different embroidery techniques which i would later on include in my final idea. I could have explore a wider range of ideas if I had more time however I am very pleased with the amount of work i did in this little time. Maybe exploring different mediums such as paint and pen could have taken my development in a different path. I do see my work of good quality; I enjoyed my time in this rotation and was given many compliments from my peers and tutor when presenting my work to the class. This positive feedback was very nice; because of this I think my work is good. However If I did this rotation again I would plan my time further and set out more daily to do’s, my time management skills could have been put to better use.  But not forgetting my final outcome which I am very pleased with. If i had taken this rotation in another direction i don’t believe I could have produced better work, I think this because I was very committed to this theme and interested throughout.


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