Rotation- Textiles Evaluation

Textiles Evaluation

The brief asked me to investigate printed textiles and surface design within my work. This work would revolve around a visual journey I would take into Newcastle. On this journey I will individually record both visually and through annotation, concentrating on pattern, texture and shape. The brief was simple to follow and helped guide me throughout this rotation. At first I understood that my visual recordings would help form my foundation of designs and ideas, because of this I spent a lot of my time capturing the perfect images and textures on my independent journey. My initial thoughts of the time were that I must organise my time throughout this journey and take images which only relate to the brief and help form my designs further into the rotation.

Although we were not advised to choose artists to research I began my own independent research on Pinterest, looking at patterns and textures which I like or maybe to influence my own work. My images were my main source of research and held different patterns, textures and colours to work from. Having this research built many ideas and helped them develop into patterns (final designs) I explored many mediums and materials throughout this rotation, when observing my images i experimented with mediums such as pens, pencils, charcoal and more. This helped me develop ideas as well as build an understanding of which mediums worked well together.

My teacher demonstrated to the class a “Mirroring technique” which we would go on to use in our own work. She informed us that this technique is used in the fashion industry a lot and displayed examples of when this technique had been applied. We used tracing paper to draw over some patters or textures (sourced from photography) we wanted to take further, with these drawings we then folded over the tracing paper to draw over them onto the other  side. When opened a mirrored pattern was formed. The tracing paper was then photocopied many times for us to then experiment with these patterns to build our designs. Once we explored this technique enough our teacher informed us about “Mark making”. Mark making can be the different patterns, lines or textures we create in a piece of art. It can be used to add expression to the work and can be applied to any art material on any surface. I then began mark making my journey into Newcastle and my emotions I felt along the way. I produced a lot of mark making to then use within my ideas and final designs.

If I had more time on my hands maybe I could have experimented with a wider range of processes and materials such as printing, embroidery, layering or even paint. However I am very pleased with the processes and techniques I was able to learn and apply into my work in very little time. Throughout this rotation i have learned a lot of different methods not only used in college but in well-known industries. I managed my time effectively however there were slight problems when printing my images off which made me loose time (lack of detail in images which made it difficult to use), nevertheless forgetting this slight problem my time management was well organised and effective within this rotation.

Overall my work is of great quality and displays my thought processes to my initial ideas and designs; the displaying has improved since my first rotation and is always improving. I produced two final ideas which I believe would work extremely well as designs for t-shirts and stationary pieces, both ideas are very different and influenced by different sources  throughout. If I had taken this project in a different direction I don’t believe I would have achieved better results, this is because i produced good work and developed my ideas strongly all the way through this rotation.


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