Rotation- Fashion Evaluation

Fashion Evaluation

The brief informed me that I would build my creative ability in developing concepts specific to fashion design and develop my fashion drawing through illustration. I found the brief easy to use and helped direct me throughout this rotation. The brief also stated that I would collect a range of work from artists which I would then use to influence my final illustrations. I found using artists to influence my illustrations helpful and developed my illustration skills throughout. My initial thoughts were planned and had I a clear understanding of what needed to be achieved.


I firstly carried out research on my given artists Anish Kapoor. I looked at his materials and structure he used through his artwork. I then began analysing each art work he created and responded by recreating parts of it by using similar patterns or materials. Once I responded to his work I researched a variety of collections which I thought represented his work in many ways. With these imagery I responded by recreating parts of their collections. I collected imagery from designers such as Boss New York, Mulberry, Dolce& Gabbana and Yeezy. I related each of their collections to Anish Kapoor’s work.                  This helped me understand the relationship between fine art and fashion. I then discovered Sonia Rykiel’s work wear and uniforms from, I used this designer’s collection as my second inspiration towards my final illustrations. I found this collection more wearable than others and believed I could contrast the two artists together. I really loved the oversized clothes and beautiful denim navy colours. I was informed to research different illustrators however I felt very confident in portraying my own individual style.

In my final illustrations I have used Anish Kapoor’s shapes and materials within the clothes. I also included WGSN’s predicted trends such as makeup, colours and prints for Autumn/Winter 2017/2018. I have included a very metallic metal material in my illustrations which you can see a lot within Anish’s work. Using Sonia’s style and comfy clothing I recreated this look into my final production. I selected a range of prints WGSN predicted to be trendy and used them as pieces of clothing. Using WGSN’s predicted colours I created colour palettes I’d like to use.

I believe I could have explored a wide range of processes, such as materials and template of clothes. I felt as though I hadn’t planned out my clothes enough and devoted more of my time perfecting my female template. However I do see my work as good quality and have learned a lot throughout this rotation. My time management skills were applied although I did not devote enough time in recreating my own pieces of clothing which I believe if I had focused on that aspect equally maybe my work could be at a higher grade.

If I had taken my project in a different direction I don’t think I would have achieved better results as I am very pleased with the work i have produced in this little time and was very devoted and interested in the work I produced.



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