Rotation- 3D evaluation

3D evaluation

The brief asked me to create an installation on Whitley Bay’s beach that will make it a vibrant and thriving place to live and visit. I must consider its area and chose one of the directions given in the brief (Conceptual installation, Functional instillation, Lighting installation). My initial thoughts were to create a functional instillation which will invite locals and visitors onto the beach, making the area a popular destination again. I would like the design a functional instillation which will benefit all ages and help people reflect on life and the history of Whitley Bay.

Firstly i researched Whitley bay’s history gathering a range of interesting facts which I could then apply to my work. This helped provide a rather strong ground up from. I then began gathering inspirational images which i thought related to the functional instillation aspect to the build. Pinterest was my main source for inspiration and helped me throughout this rotation. I discovered three artists these were Marjan Van Aubel, James Shaw, Droog Design and Tom Fruin. I specifically chose three artists who all had their own individual style and could bring something different to my final outcome. Tom Fruin created beautiful glassed buildings which were displayed in well-known locations whereas Droog design (Artists working together) created unique and weird furniture. James and Aubel produced coral like furniture which i thought related to the theme of the beach and type of instillation very well.

To develop my ideas even further i experimented with clay (provided from the college), this helped me understand my final outcome and make my idea become 3D. The clay provided me with the blue prints to create my final piece. I also experimented with cardboard which I then would use for the main structure of my bench boat design. I generated two ideas which were both interesting and worked really well with the theme, these ideas where the beach hut’s (vintage) and the boat bench. At first i was very confused in which design to select however i did a lot of research and discovered beach huts are very popular and are located in beaches near Whitley Bay. As well as this the boat bench was more motivating and challenging to create. I do believe i could have explored a wider range of processes and ideas, however i am very pleased with the idea i selected and its final production.

My work is of good quality however my idea development wasn’t very clear and lacked explanation at first. I am very happy with my final outcome and was given positive compliments from my peers and teacher.  I produced a detailed final piece of a boat bench which included small features (made from paper) of star fishes, sea shells, sea weed, crabs and sand castles. I placed the Boat Bench on a piece of cardboard (used to build entire structure) and placed yellow plastic sheet to represent the back ground of where the instillation would be placed. To add more characteristics I placed a life ring (old vintage style) on top of the Boat Bench, this was made using rope and coloured paper.



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