Rotation- Lens based media evaluation

Lens Based Media Evaluation

The brief asked me to explore the theme of obsession and to visually communicate my own interpretation of the state. My thoughts about these instructions were very clear and i understood what i needed to achieve to be successful. The brief also informed me to give a personal response using images and develop my ideas by completing a range of research. I believe my work would be a lot stronger if i took it from a more personal point of view and researched a wider variety of artists. It’s important that i carry out enough research and build my ideas towards a final and strong response. I was also informed to discuss ideas with peers; this would provide me with a wide range of ideas and other views of the theme which is important when exploring this topic.


I carried out artist research which helped me decide which artists i liked and felt suited best to the theme i was given. For each artist i researched i selected different techniques and styles, exploring their methods and techniques enabled me to experiment and use within my own work. Once I completed the artist researched i then used Pinterest to find more artists and artwork which i like and influence me throughout the rotation. These helped me develop my ideas and explore different methods.

To develop my ideas i began using magazine parts to recreate work from Damien and Aliza which assisted me understand their methods and style. I then used this in my own experimentation and to develop my ideas, after using magazine parts i used my own photography and images from the internet to create college pieces.  These flowers were used to create the “inner beauty”, this idea was influenced by the artist Marcelo Monreal. Once i thought i used college paper to its fullest i then began experimenting with embroidery, creating patterns which would then be used in my final piece.

 If I had more time i believe i could have explored a lot more processes and even produced a different final outcome. However i am very pleased with the processes i was able to experiment with during the little time i had. As this was my first rotation i thought i did well and produced great work as well as getting familiar with the course. I also learned to prioritise my time efficiently.

I believe my work contains good research and development of ideas however my presentation and quality of work may have suffered. I feel as though my presentation of my work and ideas has let me down and not help support my understanding. However not forgetting this is my first rotation. I have organised my time very well and achieved my daily tasks i set out. I devoted my time to completing given tasks and developing my initial thoughts and ideas. When in personal study i set out “to do list’s” which helped me understand what i needed to complete by a certain time. I prioritised certain tasks by importance which made me aware of what i needed to do first. Overall I used my time well.

If the project was taken in a different direction I do believe i could have achieved better results, this is because i selected a topic which was more time consuming and quite difficult to finalise. If i had chosen a simpler direction than maybe i could have produced more and better quality of work. However i do not regret my chosen topic and am very pleased with the overall outcome.


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